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Humanoid silhouette's are digitally entwined with a world in a trance. We're trespassing with our perceptive gaze on an eerie world that oozes from dreams onto our reality. 


In life, we are surrounded by serene nothingness but our own meticulous imagination creates the darkness and fills it with sparks of light and we share it with our communal space, internally and externally, mind and world. Our own existence is what consistently pulls us out of the shadows, but the shadows wouldn't be there without us in the first place. 

The forms that fill these photographs are strangers to everyone and to put it simply, they don't exist, but we all sense what they are feeling, and it's because they know all of our secrets. Our mind/heart can fill in the gaps of their experience before and after these images end, when there is only silence. 

These digital strangers pasted onto images of our real world with colors skewed to fit the feelings and opinions we leave behind on solid and constant reality that eventually becomes our memory that stemmed from our dreams.

What is saturated by light? What is cloaked in darkness? It all depends on what you fill the silence with. 

These six images were created with the above sentiment in mind. 

A world occupied by no one you know.

Photographs taken by Lex Vasquez in and around New Orleans, Louisiana in January of 2022. Afterwards, he digitally imposed the humanoid figures and symbols. 

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